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    ScraddleVision™ Episode 6: Sean Barrett


    My friend Sean Barrett (aka SQUIDBRAIN) joins me from Berlin, Germany to discuss his musical projects, digital artwork, and life itself. Unfortunately, I am a bit off my game due to not having Steve as wing man on this episode. This video is actually an edited version of the live stream (I cut out a bit from the loading screen as well as a few minutes of silence before TERRROR FROM THE CRATE was played. The rest is as it happened.) 

    ScraddleVision™ Episode 5: Chase Bentley


    Chase Bentley, guitarist for Chicago-based COKEGOAT and Co-Founder of The Bandom Experiment stops by to talk about all of this, plus The RONJECT! Lots of videos lined up for this one!

    ScraddleVision™ Episode 4: Chris Benedict


    Hold onto your hats and cover your ears as two Joisey Boyz curse their way through this episode of ScraddleVision™! Chris Benedict comes on the show to talk about his current band projects Recording Club and his family band The Eggzez. We will hear from his high school band Gemerick and take a look at some of Uncle Jerry's artwork.

    • Aired on Facebook, YouTube & Twitch, August 29, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
    • Guest: Chris Benedict
    • Listen to Recording Club