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    NEWS ON THE MARCH — Scotchberg

    ScraddleVision™ Episode 1: Lee Eschliman



    • Aired on Facebook Live, July 18, 2020 @ 4:20 pm
    • Guest Musician & Arist: Lee Eschliman
    • Written, Produced & Hosted by Jay Caddle & Steve Levandoski

    Learn more about Lee and his projects here:


    1:35 The plan is for me to always play the intro song live... however, I wanted to play this original version of "Blue Skies Ahead" with my buddy George Steinhagen singing. He wrote the original words and vocal cadence for this song, and wanted to play it and the wish him a Happy Birthday. But I forgot to mention it like an idiot. Happy belated birthday, George! You know what you can get me for my birthday... some index cards!  :/
    3:10 Writing Staff Joke... whoooooboy... way to wipe out, Scraddle! Stay tuned for next episode - it is funny ;)
    4:27 Scotchberg Time seems great in theory, but it somehow gets screwed up every show so far. However, this will need to be sorted out because Scotchberg Time is not for you, my dear audience... Scotchberg Time is for me! We'll get it right next time... ish...
    7:24 Ahhhh yes, another running ScraddleVision theme! This brilliant work of art features me forgetting to turn our microphones back on! If I hadn't done that you would hear us discussing Adrian Rosario, guitarist for Scotchberg and Karma Canon, our cheers, my commentary on Lee’s art doodles. Then, I put up a picture out of the window of the house we shared together in San Francisco with Lee’s old truck in the shot.
    9:50 At this point I realize the audio has been down :(
    39:15 I had Facebook Live Broadcaster running behind my OBS window. I clicked on it just to make sure everything was OK, and apparently that made everything NOT OK. The Facebook Live broadcast said it was failing, which I asked Steve about.
    40:00 Stream gets killed - we broadcast for a while before Steve saw we were actually off. I was going to call it quits, but like a champ Steve insisted I start up another Facebook Live session and finish with the jam as planned.
    41:00 Back to the Live broadcast. A lot of studio echo happened when we came back on, I'm not sure why. I wanted to finish my last interview piece.
    46:00 JAMMM!!!!! I am pretty happy with how this turned out! Thank you again Lee, not just for this show but for all the art we have created together over the years!

    I also wanted to thank Lee for bringing me a copy of Infinite Worlds 3!!! You are a class act, buddy!

    Hitler Was A Veggie

    Hitler Was A Veggie

    Words & Music by Al Frisby

    Well you’re feeling superior to your fellow man
    Because you don’t eat pork chops and you’ve never liked ham
    Well take a tip from me or from the history
    Hitler was a veggie, don’t you see?

    As a child he lived in the attic
    The only friend he had was a Braun Vegematic
    Unsupervised all day grinding carrots away
    Hitler was a veggie, don’t you see?

    Heil Veggies! Heil Veggies!
    Ubercook the noodles, leave the butter out of the streusel
    If you know that meat is murder don’t disappoint the Führer
    Hitler Was A Veggie, don’t you see?

    Now Hitler and Ava would never fight
    They’d sit around the table until late at night
    Please pass the coleslaw, and General invade Warsaw
    September 1, 1939


    Now Hitler thought his grip would last
    Until the big dumb meatheads came and kicked his ass
    So they dined on some sauerkraut
    And then he blew their brains out
    April 30th, 1945



    Scotchberg performing "Hitler Was A Veggie" written by Al Frisby

    March 9, 2013 at American Bar & Grill in Lancaster, PA - edb productions

    Video by Pete Radocaj